New DACA Applicants

On June 18, 2020 The U.S. Supreme Court denied Trump’s attempts to disband DACA. The real question is, what’s next? Let’s say you have a student in Houston who is looking to enroll in school but has never had DACA before, can they be considered for the program?

New Applicants

USCIS will have to continue to accept DACA renewal applications from anyone who previously has had DACA, as well as begin accepting first-time applicants for the program.

Advance Parole

Advanced Parole is the mechanism through which many DACA applicants obtain permission to leave the U.S. in case of an emergency and return to the U.S. without penalty. While it is unknown at this time if the Trump administration will take actions to limit this process, application for new/renewal is highly encouraged based on the recent decision.

While the Supreme Court’s decision is encouraging, this process is very complex, and we recommend using the services of an immigration attorney that can navigate these new waters.

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