More DUI Arrests During Holidays Than Rest of Year

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DUI Arrests During Holidays

More DUI Arrests During Holidays Than Rest of Year

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, you get to be in your hometown and spend time with your loved ones. The winter holidays are also the time of the year where there are more DUI arrests than any other time.

Being home is great but being at home with individuals that can contribute additional stressors outside of the daily norm. Often, we turn to alcohol and other vices in order to cope with our surroundings.

Unfortunately, officers know this, so they increase their presence on the road and make more stops and arrests during this time than any other.

What Officers Are Looking For

From the moment the officer notices your vehicle or suspects you of being intoxicated, they are looking for clues. They are looking to see whether or not you weave within your lane, whether or not you use your turn signal within 100 feet of the turn—they are looking for any reason to justify reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed.

When the officer approaches your vehicle they are looking to see if they smell alcohol on you or anywhere within the vehicle, any open containers in the car, bloodshot eyes, hand-eye coordination when they ask you to reach for certain documents- in the end, how you behave has everything to do with the investigation.

What To Do When Pulled Over For DUI/DWI

When pulled over for a DUI/DWI, it’s important to understand that no matter how nice the officer is, he is not your friend. It doesn’t matter if you went to prom with him or coach his kid’s little league team, he is not interested in letting someone he believes to be intoxicated continue to drive.

During the stop, the officer will likely ask you to step out of the vehicle. The officer will notice if you stumble on your way out, if you must hold on to the car door to exit, everything. The best thing you can do for yourself is politely decline the officer’s request to do standard field sobriety tests. While you have you exit the car, there is no law that states that you must complete these tests.


After that, there is a REALLY good chance the officer will then ask for you to provide a breath sample or to consent to a blood draw. Again, the smartest thing you can do is politely decline. The officer knows that you are under no obligation to do so unless there is a warrant. The officer will then say something to the effect of “I can go get a warrant, it is in your best interest to comply” or “It will turn out better for you if you consent”—don’t believe it. You have rights, make them get the warrant.

If you end up arrested and charged with DUI/DWI the smartest thing to do is contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner you retain an attorney on your case, the better your chances are. Contact our office for a free consultation.


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