Greencard Through Marriage

Are you getting married to the U.S a citizen? Then Calderon Legal Group congratulates on the new beautiful journey of your dreamy life, but if there are some constraints in the completion of your dream. These constraints may be marriage visa problems and a lot of legal issues regarding obtaining green cards through visa. If you are worried about long and complicated legal steps and requirement fulfillment regarding this issue, then don’t worry about that. Just handover your worries to us and let us give you the bundle of happiness in the form of our high-quality services.

We are readily available to sort out all the issues and problems that you may face regarding obtaining a green card through Marriage and help you to live a mesmerizing married life. If you are going to get married to U.S Citizen or are already married and want to obtain greencard through marriage, then you are at the right place. Calderon Legal Group is always available to help you make this happen and sort out all legal issues. There are specific fundamental rules of immigration and getting entry to the U.S, and now it becomes the most significant challenge.

It is problematic and challenging in this era, but the U.S government now sets the rules, regulations, policies, and legal requirements for this problem. It is a problematic complicated and somehow lengthy process which makes so many constraints in your life but don’t worry.

If you are a foreign citizen or U.S Resident wants to get married to U.S citizen, then the U.S government gives different methods to get a green card through Marriage, but every technique has different plans and steps to make this possible. The given guidelines vary from situation to situation, USCIS has provided all different ways for all things from marriage visa, immigration issues, and marriage petitions through USCIS to a green card through Marriage.

Therefore getting green cards through marriage and marriage visas is somehow getting complicated over time because it is strictly USCIS scrutinized. This may make many difficulties for honest people like you to obtain vigorously within the desired period. It is easy to get married and obtain a marriage license, but getting a green card through Marriage is tricky. That is why there is such a burden on the newly married couples to sort out their new life problems with these unwanted, unexpected, and unmanageable issues regarding getting their green card through Marriage.

The best thing you can do in this situation is contact an experienced immigration attorney for a free consultation.

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