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Santa Rita, Guam (Nov. 30, 2005) Ð U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms 1st Class Robert C. Tempesta places a ÒDonÕt Drink and DriveÓ sign in front of a wrecked car outside the front gate of U.S. Naval Base Guam. The wrecked car is used along with posters, base newspaper spots, and frequent admonitions during morning Quarters around the various naval forces homeported on the U.S. territory to caution Sailors against drinking and getting behind wheel. Among other programs the base provides for Sailors who may imbibe too much while on liberty is a shuttle bus service that makes regular runs downtown until the early hours of the morning on weekends. U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 2nd Class Nathanael T. Miller (RELEASED)

DUI Laws During Holidays

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year- food, family and traditions. However, the holiday season does come with its personal injury pitfalls. According to the National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA), the two most deadly days of the year on the road are in December. Residents of Houston and surrounding areas are not immune to these dangers and vehicle collisions. This time of the year is more dangerous for a variety of reasons:


College Students Driving Home from School

Whether you go to A&M and are driving from College Station or coming home from Austin, the streets are more crowded during this time of year. With the streets being more crowded, and the rush to get home to spend time with family, many Texas residents find themselves involved in a car accident.


Increased Drinking and Driving

More drivers on the road during this time of year are under the influence than any other. In fact, almost 40% of the accidents occurring during this time involve one driver being under the influence of alcohol. The increase of intoxicated drivers on the roads make it a more dangerous time for anyone.

Stress Driving

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the time of the year when people are the most stressed. Whether it’s because of end of the year work deadlines or spending holidays with the in-laws, this issue rears its head during this time of year in the shape of collisions on the road.


In the end, if you find yourself involved in a vehicle collision during this or any time of year- contact an experienced injury attorney like those at Calderon Legal Group.




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