Covid19, Social Media, Data and Crime

On October 26, 2020, a 16-year-old girl was shot to death over what investigators believe to be a social media beef. The shooting happened in Houston’s Chinatown neighborhood and also resulted in two additional victims being shot.

Aside from this shooting, violent crime has increased in the Westside Houston neighborhood in past year alone by at least 14% and murder is up in the Westside division is up by 25% from the previous year. In efforts to deter crime, the Westside neighborhood was the beneficiary of 100 extra officers on the streets funded by the CARES Act.

How This Affects You

Data is more valuable than oil in 2020. This increase in crime in Houston will increase the number of officers in the street and potentially place more amateur officers in positions they may have not been prepared for. As a primary officer on a case involving a death, that officer is responsible for so much of the investigation that the case is often won or lost based largely on how reliable and truthful the jury believes that officer to be. While the data shows that the increase in the amount of officers is necessary, it also potentially hampers the reliability of the reports and investigations performed by the more amateur officers who have not received the adequate training not just in the academy but also hands on supervised by a more senior officer.

If you find yourself charged with an offense, it is pivotal to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately as your time and your freedom are your most important assets.

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